Sunday, 8 July 2012

Black Eye Shadow Comparisons

 I wear a lot of black eye shadow. As a matter of fact, my favourite look ever is the always easy black smokey eye (black eye shadow all over the lid and blended all around. Takes literally five minutes and always looks bad ass). My search for the blackest black eye shadow means that I have about nine zillion of them, and they're all different, with varying degrees of pigmentation.

Makeup Geek!

I have things!

I know, surprise, surprise. A few weeks ago, I went bananas and bought my entire Makeup Geek wishlist. I had heard so many great things about Marlena's line of eye shadows and I was especially curious about the new lipsticks, so I caved. There's really not much else to that.

If you're not familiar with Makeup Geek, it's a kind of... well, I guess it's an instructional-type beauty blog with tutorials and reviews and swatches and stuff. Marlena, the CEO and founder of Makeup Geek, came out with her own line of pressed eye shadows and, more recently, lipsticks, so you know I had to get all up in that. I've watched her videos for years, and always wanted to place an order with the Makeup Geek store (the store stocks other brands like Palladio and NYX, plus some extremely affordable brushes).