Sunday, 8 July 2012

Black Eye Shadow Comparisons

 I wear a lot of black eye shadow. As a matter of fact, my favourite look ever is the always easy black smokey eye (black eye shadow all over the lid and blended all around. Takes literally five minutes and always looks bad ass). My search for the blackest black eye shadow means that I have about nine zillion of them, and they're all different, with varying degrees of pigmentation.

 These are a few of the darkest blacks I have.They were all done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

 Natural light

Diffused flash

From left to right, they are:

* MAC Black Black pigment, wet
* MAC Black Black pigment, dry
* Makeup Geek Corrupt
* Sleek Noir (which they include in most of their palettes)
* Urban Decay Black Dog
* Sugarpill Bulletproof
* Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow, No. 13 (Black), wet
* Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow, No. 13 (Black), dry
* NARS black eye shadow from the "Pandora" duo

I was actually pretty surprised with the results here. For years, I always turned to my Sugarpill Bulletproof, thinking it was the darkest black I had. Seeing them like this is pretty shocking - Bulletproof looks like a charcoal in comparison to everything else! It looks like the most pigmented ones are the NARS black and the Urban Decay Black Dog, which is available in the UD Black Palette (I love that Amazon has this thing for $22 - that same palette is $36 on Urban Decay's web site in case you're a rich asshole). 

My hands-down favourite of them all is the Armani Eyes to Kill in No. 13. It's one of the exceptionally darkest ones, and you can see the blue sheen when it's applied wet, which I love. I know that not everyone wants a blue-black, but I love the way it looks.

<3 DR

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  1. Niiiiiice! Why do you have the best makeup collection ever! your blog looks pretty