Sunday, 8 July 2012

Makeup Geek!

I have things!

I know, surprise, surprise. A few weeks ago, I went bananas and bought my entire Makeup Geek wishlist. I had heard so many great things about Marlena's line of eye shadows and I was especially curious about the new lipsticks, so I caved. There's really not much else to that.

If you're not familiar with Makeup Geek, it's a kind of... well, I guess it's an instructional-type beauty blog with tutorials and reviews and swatches and stuff. Marlena, the CEO and founder of Makeup Geek, came out with her own line of pressed eye shadows and, more recently, lipsticks, so you know I had to get all up in that. I've watched her videos for years, and always wanted to place an order with the Makeup Geek store (the store stocks other brands like Palladio and NYX, plus some extremely affordable brushes).

Here is some of the worst swatch photography in the history of the world. Most of this is the actual Makeup Geek brand, but there are four eye shadows in the first shot that are from Sugarpill, which is also available through the Makeup Geek store.

L-R: Galaxy, Yellow Brick Road, Stealth, Razzleberry, Mercury, Neptune. Then we have Sugarpill's Acidberry, 2am, Velocity and Mochi eye shadows as the first four on the right.

 L-R: Duchess, Bada Bing, Appletini, Vanilla Bean, Envy, Pretentious, Mocha, Mermaid, Poolside

 The first four swatches on the left are of some of my own black eye shadows, so I could compare pigmentation. They are Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow in No. 13 (black) applied wet, NARS black eye shadow from the Pandora duo (dry), Armani again (applied dry), Sugarpill's Bulletproof (applied dry) and finally, Makeup Geek eye shadow in Corrupt. Next to the black swatches, we have Makeup Geek eye shadows in Twilight, Cinderella, Unicorn, Fairy Tale and Ocean Breeze.

Lipsticks! L-R: Elegant, Luscious, Ravishing and Refined.

The Makeup Geek eye shadows are great! I bought them all in pan form so I could easily put them into one of my new Z-Palettes and I've been using them every day. These bad boys are some NICE SHIT. Soft, buttery, easily blended, tons of pigmentation and only SIX BUCKS. This is why I bought my entire wishlist. 

The lipsticks are just as impressive - they're creamy, but they set nicely and don't slide around. I've been wearing Refined for the past three days straight because I'm having a nude lip moment, and my lips haven't freaked out or anything. They feel really moisturized when I go to take it off, so that's a big plus.

I didn't take photos of the packaging or anything, or the way the order was packed and shipped because I don't care about that, plus I de-tube my lipsticks. Although the lipstick cases are pretty cute, with the Makeup Geek logo on the inner barrel and the see-through top.

<3 DR 

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