Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dewy Skin!


Ashiness! Roughness! Discolouration! Congested pores! Flakiness!

That is my face first thing in the morning, after I have intentionally mistreated my skin. I went to bed the night before without washing my face and without going through my whole evening skincare routine so that I could show you guys how I bring my skin back from the depths of grossness.

For reference, my skin is relatively sensitive, and I get some slight oiliness around the t-zone. I'm not breakout prone, other than that one week out of the month when my skin goes haywire (ladies, we've all been there). It tends to be dry if I go crazy with powder - which is why I usually use liquid foundations. I lean toward products that promote radiance and dewiness because dry brown skin is ASHY AND FLAKY AND GROSS.

In order to rescue my skin and make an immediate difference, I wash and exfoliate my face, slap on a face mask and then use the greatest moisturizer in the entire world.


So there you have the final result.

Products used:

Ultrabland facial cleanser
Ocean Salt face and body scrub
Full of Grace serum
Eau Roma Water toner
Ayesha fresh face mask - only available at LUSH shops, not online
Gorgeous moisturizer
Enchanted Eye Cream

By the way... I started shaving (most of) my head a year and a half ago. Not for any reason in particular, just because I'd always thought about doing it and one day I zipped it all off. Sorry the explanation is not more exciting, I just felt like doing it and that was that. I shave it about once a week now, and I cut my bangs myself, which is why they're all crazy uneven. I don't care, if you're going to shave your head, then you don't really care what your bangs look like.

Hope that was helpful!

<3 DR

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