Thursday, 19 April 2012


Can we just talk for a minute about how obsessed I am with those adhesive nail polish strips?

Oh, MAN. The Sally Hansen ones are my favourite. They are hella expensive, but if you use them right, you can get two manicures out of each box.

SNAKES ON MY NAILS! These are the shit. When I take them off, I'm going  to be all, "I WANT THESE MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES OFF MY MOTHERFUCKING  NAILS."

So anyway, these things come with a little nail file/buffer type thing in each box, along with a cuticle pusher and instructions. The actual nail strips are in two separate packets - once you open the packet, you have to use all the ones in there or else they dry out. There are 8 strips in each, which seems like a cruel joke on Sally Hansen's part.

At first, I was like, how the hell am I supposed to not open both packets at once, I have ten damn fingers, what is this bullshit? Then I watched Sokolum79's video on how to to get two manicures out of each box, and it all made sense.

Applying them took forever the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it takes maybe ten minutes from start to finish. I throw some topcoat on there to make them a little shinier and help them last. I'm still wearing the rattlesnake ones and it's been two weeks. There's some minor tipwear happening, but it's nothing you wouldn't see after say, three or four days with regular nail polish.

You know what I don't really get, though? They have normal ones. Like, you know, light pink and blue and green. Pretty colours, but... why would you not want to just use regular nail polish for that? Who the fuck is like, "I'm so ballin' that I'd rather just pay through the nose to get regular nail polish strips instead of buying a $3 bottle of nail polish. Also, my shoes are made of diamonds." All I'm saying is that for $10, I want rattlesnakes, not pink with sparkles.

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