Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sephora Haul!

This happened because I forgot my keys at work on Tuesday night.

The next day, I had to leave the house early with Stephen, because of the door being locked and all that, so I arrived at work two hours early. Two hours! What do you do with yourself for two hours? If you're me, you go get the largest coffee you can find and then wander around Sephora.

 I needed a new makeup bag because while I love my Scrabble pencil case, it's too stiff (that's what she said) and it makes it difficult to find smaller items. I needed something a little more flexible. This was $9.

I got this little dude for free with my Beauty Insider points. It's pretty hard to impress me with skincare, since I already use the best skincare on the planet (shout out for LUSH love!), but I've always been curious about this one. Korres products seem to be on the less toxic side of cosmetics, and I like what I know about their ethics and their brand. Mostly, I was thinking I could use this when I travel.

 YSL Vernis a Levres Glossy Lip Stain in no.20, Rouge Enamel

 The applicator is one of those triangular petal-shaped deals.

 without flash

with flash

This one is a Sephora exclusive, and it's a warm red with shimmer. I *think* I like this, but I find that my lips feel a bit dry after removal. I tried this with and without lip liner, and without lip liner, it wore for about 6 hours. Towards the fifth hour, it started to look less glossy, but was still pretty shiny. With lip liner, it was on for about 8 hours straight with no fading or feathering, and I had to practically scrape to get it off. It's quite comfortable to wear, I like the texture, and it doesn't give you the dry inner line that can sometimes happen with lip products when it collects there. This was $38.

 Makeup For Ever Aqua Liner in No. 16 (white shimmer)

The applicator is tapered and won't splay out like crazy after you use it the first time.

with flash

Without flash. I clearly didn't know what to do with my hands.

Lately, I've been using white liquid eyeliner as my everyday look (no eyeshadow, just a thick line of white at the upper lashline with a thin line of black just where my lashes meet my eyelid. Nothing on the bottom lashes at all), which looks great and takes 5 minutes in the morning. I enjoy the contrast of my NC45 skin with the stark white, but I wanted to put something glittery on top for extra zazz. This is perfect. It wears for hours and hours without fading, smudging or flaking. It was something like $28? I don't know.

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Eyeshadow Collection in "In the Dark"

Dry, without flash. Ho-hum.

Dry, with flash. Again, is there even any product there?

Over Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy, no flash. Eh, a little better.

Over Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy, with flash

With a black cream base and Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy, no flash

Over a black cream base and Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy, with flash. That's what I'm talkin' about.

I bought this palette specifically for travel. I love, love, LOVE black-glitter eye shadows, especially when used with Fyrinnae's Pixi Epoxy (a foiling medium, necessary for any kind of shimmery or glittery colour). I love them even more over a black creamy base. The Urban Decay Black Palette used to be my go-to travel palette, but it was sort of a hassle since I always had to bring along a separate highlight colour and transition/blending shades, so I've had my eye on this one from Sephora for awhile, which comes with that top row of lighter shades. Altogether it was $36, which is a bargain for 10 eyeshadows, and the palette itself is nice and sturdy with a lovely lace print on the front.

So yeah. Not a whole lot of stuff, but what can you do when you only have two hours?

Where to buy: Sephora



  1. Thank you so much! Definitely going to go and buy the YSL gloss. I also just wanted to thank you so much for educating me on the lip primer! I have not been able to wear lip stick in years..Almost 40..and the feathering..ughhh! I bought a primer, and I am so, so happy! i was able to wear Mac's Russian Red to our store party, I cannot tell you how happy I was! I love your advice so much...thanks again xo

    1. Julie! The YSL gloss was lovely, but I wound up returning it because my lips felt like they were ON FIRE the next day. There's nothing wrong with the actual product, and I was sad that it didn't work for me, it's just that I have really sensitive lips :(

      I'm so glad the primer works! I love Russian Red, too, it's one of my favourite red lipsticks!