Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I hate neutrals.

Neutrals. Bah.


Don't get me wrong, there is totally a time and place for neutral colours. But that time is not now, and that place is not my face.

I have always had the good fortune to have jobs that allow me to be as creative with makeup as I wanted to (although the look with the flower is a straight-up copy of the Hunger Games District 6 Morphling look that Leesha from XSparkage posted awhile back). I've never had to tone anything down, or make something I liked more "wearable" - because it's ALL FUCKING WEARABLE TO ME.

Back when Urban Decay's first Naked palette came out, everyone lost their minds. I almost got sucked in myself, and then I realized that I have all those colours - or reasonably close approximations - and since I never bother with the ones I had anyway, there wasn't any point. If I'm going to spend 20 minutes on my damn eyeshadow in the morning, I want searing, retina-burning vibrant colours. Also, glitter.

This is probably why people think I'm a teenager.

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