Monday, 16 April 2012


Where the magic happens, folks. Where the magic happens.

Me: I think I'm going to start a beauty blog.

Mr. Demon Rapunzel: Don't you already have one?

Me: I have a Youtube channel that I haven't updated in like, 2 years, and a sad LJ blog that I used to update with beauty stuff that no one cared about.

Mr. Demon Rapunzel: And what makes you think anyone will care about a new blog?

Me: Well, I can have a cooler background if I switch to Blogger.


So, hi.

Honestly, I am nobody. I did, however, go to beauty school and I dropped out halfway through eyebrow tinting. The only good thing to come out of that whole experience was the fact that I could legitimately say, "I had a little trouble in tinting class." and "Beauty school sure isn't what I thought it was gonna be." I tinted my eyebrows blue and my instructor hated my guts, and also? The other ladies in my class were in no mood for my hijinks.

Now I have taken my hijinks to the internet... where hijinks are welcome and encouraged. SO THERE.

So now I have this blog where I talk about makeup and the things I like and the things I purchase and the things, the things, THE THINGS! I love things.

Here are some facts about me that you may or may not care about:

* I have many cats. And by many, I mean three. They essentially run the house, and they are the reason I haven't made a new YouTube video in a couple of years (their fur is all over everything and somehow in my camera lens? I don't know).

* I say that I am married, but really we are engaged. We haven't gotten married yet because we are really bad planners. I hate the words "fiancee" and "hubby".

* I manage a LUSH Cosmetics shop, and I know a thing or two about skincare.

* I know a thing or two about haircare as well, but I shave my head bald except for a small and unruly tuft of bangs at the front, so I don't buy a whole lot of haircare products. I can talk for hours about scalp treatments, though.

* My favourite corporate cosmetic brands are MAC, Makeup for Ever, OCC and NARS. My favourite indie cosmetic brands are Fyrinnae and Sugarpill.

* The origin of The Demon Rapunzel thing is a long and not very interesting story.


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